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Gramma’s Pearl Soup and Grampa’s Mango Smile

By Wendy Picken

This is story of hopes and dreams and the seasons of life.
What’s Pearl Soup? It’s a very special soup.
Gramma tells me its made with “pearls that come from
her heart and she stirs in all her hopes and dreams for me…”

“It’s light hearted, but the message of ‘no matter what
happens I’ll always love you’ is pretty universal
— it’s what we all want.”  – Wendy Picken

Children’s book

For ages 6, 7, 8  to 108.

Gramma’s Pearl Soup and Grampa’s Mango Smile
will soon be available for purchase as audio book.

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Mango Smile Books
Mango Smile Book
s 2008, Printed in Canada
ISBN 978-0-9810675-0-6
Price: $25.00, Free shipping

A portion of the sale of each copy of this book will be given to the
Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign,
which helps African grandmothers who have stepped forward to raise
their grandchildren after their own children have died from AIDS.